Little lumps!

Having put in quite a lot of time on the hill and area around the tunnel mouth in recent weeks, I felt it was time to make a visit back to the goods shed to finish a few jobs that had been left. This involved the use of DAS modelling clay which has already been used in the coal depot – but more about that another time.

When I laid my track onto cork, the height of the track was raised by about 3mm. Not a major problem I thought, until the goods shed was built and nothing passed under its doors.

The solution was to raise the ground level by about 5mm. I did this with strips of balsa wood and foam filled board which has a thin layer of foam with card either side. This is great for modelling or arts and crafts and readily available from shops such as Hobby craft. This was then covered with a thin layer of DAS modelling clay and given some surface indentations and tyre marks before being painted black.


The unfinished goods shed showing the pieces of balsa wood being used to raise the shed as well as the foam board. 

Adding the DAS modelling clay made a huge difference to the area and made it visually far more interesting than a flat sheet of wood or board.


The picture above, shows the modelling clay fixed in place and drying. The goods shed has also had a bit of weathering applied with an air brush since the last picture was taken.

The adjacent board was painted to seal the wood before I put the new Das modelling clay down. Having purchased a sand wagon, I wanted to make a feature using this, so after laying a nice layer of clay to the baseboard, I made a large mound of clay and fixed this to the thin layer of clay. It looks ridiculous like a boil which needs to be lanced! This will be covered in fine sand to represent a pile of sand in the goods yard. I hope it doesn’t look so daft when it’s finished.


The area outside the shed has now been painted. Even a little static grass can really bring an area alive!


The goods yard and its lump!


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