Tea, Two Sugars…

I’ve been making good progress on the recess for the Linesman’s hut. I’m no railway history expert but I guess railway workers would take shelter in the little huts often seen beside the line. In the narrative of my layout, there is one such hut before the tunnel going under the hills. The railway worker’s job would be to make sure that the line through the tunnel was always safe and in a good condition.


The recess for my hut was made while the structure of the hills was being prepared and is made from foam board edged with some left over laser cut wall sections. There is a gap at the bottom (which you can see in the picture) however, this will be made up with gravel and the normal weeds etc.

I shall be giving the wall some capping stones and weathering it all to give it an aged look. Given it’s already it situ I shall probably use the airbrush at some point in the future.


The line will also be protected by some line side fencing. The posts for this are already installed on one side and still needed on the other. I shall cover this another time…

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