I got two – but only just!

When Christmas 2017 was approaching, I had that all too familiar conversation with my mother about Christmas presents. She was in a generous mood so I suggested that I would like a couple of new wagons to build.

In hindsight, I think I was lucky to get two Just Like The Real Thing TTA kits given what has since happen to Pete Waterman’s model railway business. Like many O gauge modellers, I was sad to hear what had happened to his business and hope that another venture will come along from the ashes of JLTRT and be a viable business for Peter or other persons connected with the hobby. The quality of the JLTRT kits was never in doubt but like a lot of people, I’m not sure if such a small business can compete with the likes of Dapol, Heljan or other well known brands.

I don’t have a lot of JLTRT products but those I do have a firm favourites, so it was with quite a bit of excitement on my quiet day off, that I decided to open the boxes and start my new TTA wagons.

These are not kits to be rushed. There is a lot of brass, white metal and the heaviest, solid tanks you could ever find!

In the next few days and maybe weeks, I shall post some pics of my new wagons as they emerge from a pile of parts. For now, I need to spend a few hours sitting in a different position without mentioning my back ache!

TTA – Day 2 – The morning after the night before!

Well there’s nothing like a good nights sleep to help the super glue set hard. I was being really impatient with the glue last night, which probably explained why the bonds were not firm. This morning however, everything is good and the wagon looks…well like a wagon. This will all be underneath and even though I know some modellers who just leave a lot of of the fiddly detail off because you can’t see it, I do feel I ought to try and make a good job of it!

Later in the day I shall attack the other wagon and try and get it to the same stage. Building two wagons at the same time is interesting and often good practice because you can get into a good batch building rhythm.



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