Little Lumps – Part II!

I’m impatient and that’s not a good quality if you’re into model railways as you need to be able to walk away from things sometimes, let things dry or stop fiddling with small parts while the glue sets. One day, I’ll learn my lesson, but I don’t think it will be any time soon.

As you know from my earlier lumpy posting, I wasn’t altogether happy with the little clay lump. As the clay finally started to dry, I felt it looked like, well…a lump. something needed to be done.

In addition to this, I looked at the area around the shed and the adjacent board and knew that I needed to give them some uniformity in the goods yard area, this was going to be tricky as one board had used a dark clay sprayed black and the other had used a white clay with black paint. I decided that I would cover the whole area with a mix of ash colour and earth fine soil material from Woodland Scenics and leave the ‘lump’ for its covering.


The yard was left to dry and this is where I start having problems. Waiting for glue to dry is like waiting for ever and I can’t help myself. So I decided to add the sand. Now I had a sandy lump! I was still unsatisfied. This wouldn’t do! I decided the lump had to grow. Maybe the sand was carelessly emptied from the wagon. Maybe it gets moved around when vehicles are loaded, maybe sometimes, it spills onto the track area. These thoughts gave me the opportunity to go a bit crazy with the sand and glue.

So after a lot of fiddling and looking and head scratching, I have ended up with this:


I think I can sleep better now, knowing that my lump has been attended to. I can also relax, knowing that once, the man with the static grass gismo has done his business I will be deliriously happy.

Now is that glue dry yet…


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