TTA update.

Progress on the TTA wagons has been swift and enjoyable. I have also been helped by the internet which is a great source of reference pictures. Paul Bartlett’s site really does help you look for the wagon you are modelling and gives you lots of ideas for the weathering stage. It’s a site used by many well-known model makers due to its rich variety of wagons and rolling stock.

So I’ve managed to add all the right pieces and the coupling hooks and buffers etc. I’m almost ready for primer stage. Even as I type this though, I have realised that the vacuum pipes have not been added so I  shall do this next.

Having a good set of files and drill bits is essential when building any model but particularly important when using white metal parts or brass pieces. I even resorted to using my little power draper tool to file away some of the unwanted brass off the buffers but you do need to be careful with these, to avoid losing your fingers or filing away the wrong piece of the part you are working on. Despite the risks, I saved myself quite a lot of time.

When the paint stage comes, I tend to use acrylic primer from a large spray can. You can get various makes, but I am one of many who often go to their local Halfords or car parts shop. In the past I have purchased, grey primer, matt black and even bauxite red, which makes and ideal red brick colour for laser cut wood buildings. I now tend to make sure I always have one of each in my modelling materials cupboard.

Well, I better add those vacuum pipes now…


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