More T(TA) Vicar!

Well, unless I hear from anybody, I think I have finished sticking pieces onto the TTA chassis. I gave both of the wagons a dusting down with grey primer and painted the sides red. I did consider using an airbrush for the red but chicken’d out at the last-minute even thought I had purchased some red paint for the airbrush.

I turned to my trusty pot of matt red paint (humbrol 60) and gave each wagon 3 light coats of red to build up the colour. Given that these were not cheap wagons, I am constantly mindful of the price and I am in a state or nervousness, trying not to bodge them up at the last hurdle. Well actually the last hurdle is a little way away yet, I have other challenges yet like the etched brass walkways, finding the correct colour for the tanks, transfers, weathering etc. I’m trying to avoid the easy route too. That would be giving the whole lot to Kelvin Barnes for him to finish them!

SO. The red is dry, and I have now started to apply the black paint. Every once in a while I breathe in and if I’m not painting the model, I breathe out. It’s tense work, this model making but it’s raining outside so I’ll carry one, till the wife tells me to do something useful like washing or other daft chores!


A rather messy looking TTA at the black paint stage.

The above picture may look a bit hap hazzard, however, I have been trying to hold the wagon and avoid getting black paint on my hands. In order to do this, I worked along one side ensuring that I had a firm grip on the wagon and wouldn’t get black paint on my fingers and on to the red. There’s lots to do yet, but it’s all going in the right direction…

Another French Fancy, Vicar!


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