Morlock Heath goes to Hellesdon

We were privileged to take Morlock Heath to the annual Norwich model Railway Exhibition held at Hellesdon High School.

After a few outings with pre-tops rolling stock and engines, this outing saw the layout returned to its normal dutch livery stock and maintenance wagons. I did however, sneak a few other items onto the layout later in the day when operating got a little more self-indulgent!

I was also pleased to receive my BR Parcel DMU back from Kelvin Barnes who did a stunning job weathering the model for me.

Here’s a few pictures taken today – 7 April 2018


While we were all together, Kelvin and Graham also sat me down and informed me of their next project. I was very surprised to hear what they had in mind but I didn’t go mad. The last thing we need is a war zone…


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