It’s good to talk!

My last comments about the Polybulk wagons detailed my experience building the model and I have to say others may have had a different experience to me. I was not setting out to be critical as Graham – the man behind GJH Plant  – is such a lovely man and does his uttermost to be helpful.

After my last blog entry and an email to him, he sent me a lovely helpful email and indicated that he was happy for me to share his comments. So here they are in full:

I have read your blog and I can’t argue with the comments you make with the Polybulks . With hindsight , I should add a note about the fit or lack of it with the tapered end mouldings and the reasons for it . One of the problems of producing long resin castings is the small degree of length variation caused by the length when being cast in the mould. Originally I had more lugs on the inside of the body but the feedback was it made assembly difficult and it was tricky to carve the lugs away to get a good fit so this is a compromise.

I found the same problem as you with the length of the sloping ends being a bit short having just built one from the same batch as yours and suspect that .my caster has cast off an older mould not the current ones . The kit was retooled recently and the problem wasn’t there on the test batch .

With the work on the ends , I do feel you made work for yourself because if you had simply filled the gap , filed flush then just re-cut the groove with a razor saw it would have done the same job . Hindsight again!

You are welcome to paste these comments.



Yesterday was a great day for painting so I took both models into the garden and gave them a coat of primer. They really do look good now and all the small details have really brought the models alive. They are probably to big for Kelvin’s layouts but I can’t wait to run them into my Princes Street goods yard.

I just want to say thank you to Graham for his helpful comments and feedback to my earlier comments. It’s good to talk!




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