The Weather Man said…

I had the privilege to spend some time at the home of my modelling mentor Kelvin Barnes and an insight into his weathering methods.

I wasn’t able to see just how he masks models up to create stripes or bright areas like the Dutch livery Shark he recently completed, but I was able to watch him weather a number of vehicles and it really was a great lesson. Up till this point I was afraid of putting enamels through my airbrush, I ‘m not sure why, however, I think there will be some value in changing from acrylic paints to enamel, now my first lesson is over.

What I saw impressed me greatly but in addition to this, I saw that enamels allow the user to move them around and remove areas in the event of accidents. The use of enamels during weathering also allows the user to put paint on and remove some too as the pictures below demonstrate.

So what does the future hold for me? Well, I think its time to get a few pots of Railmatch enamels! It seems the bank balance will be taking another hit.

We didn’t cover varnish, powders or any other methods, maybe they will be another day!

There won’t be any storm…I repeat, no storm!


The end of the Heljan Mk 1 Brake Coach showing weathering to the door gaps and body sides as well as weathering to the under frame which pics out the springs and axle boxes. The picture probably doesn’t show the 4 colours used in this method.


This picture shows the Heljan Mk 1 Brake coach beside a previously completed Heljan Mk 1 BG coach weathered using the same methods.


The side view of the Heljan Mk 1 Brake coach.

Note the roof detailing which is also weathered.


Well my latest addition to the fleet is a Heljan Mk 1 buffet coach. This will also be weathered with the same methods but for now, you can see the difference with the before and after shot.









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