The Steamies get weathered!

I had a lovely few hours with Kelvin and was able to take over my Heljan Mk1 Buffet coach as well as a Dapol Jinty and Terrier both in late BR livery.

Kelvin has already weathered my other coaches and despite learning his methods by observing him, I declined the opportunity to weather this coach with him watching and supervising. I’m not good at being watched when I’m learning!

It’s truly amazing to watch a lot of plastic pieces come alive and look more like a real coach as the weathering is applied. It’s no quick fix but the techniques really make a difference.

I decided that I would like my two small steam engines to look like they had been in service for quite a long time so the Terrier had a medium weathering finish and the Jinty got close to heavy weathering.

These look absolutely amazing now and the little touches make all the difference such as the dry brushing to represent the salts that come out of the water and the gloss varnish around the water tank caps to make it look like water spillages.

The Terrier back home.


The Jinty back home

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