And now for…

…something a little different.

I’ve always loved departmental stock and the huge range of coaches and wagons etc you can see in a myriad of different liveries. For quite a long time, I have been considering how to put something together such as a breakdown train. The base coaches that would be the basis of the conversion were the stumbling point as this is where the main cost appears to be.

I don’t have the means to buy Heljan coaches only then to hack them up so I turned to the old Lima models. These have some laughable bogies and other flawed areas, however there is quite a market in Mk 1 coach detailing parts.

SO, I have obtained a few old Lima coaches and a big bag of parts which currently includes replacement bogies, couplings, buffers, T handles and torpedo vents. Wire hand rails will also be included replacing the moulded ones.

I have already started to sand off the old moulded detail in readiness for some further cutting and other areas which will be filled.

The first coach I have started to work on will hopefully look like this…


Come back at some point soon as I will keep updating my progress.

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