New Vans are ready!

I am not very good at resisting a bargain so when Hattons had an O gauge sale, I couldn’t help myself. I purchased two bauxite VAA vans.

These look great, but out of the box they were far too clean and wouldn’t be acceptable for my layout of any of the other layouts we exhibit.

I decided I would try a technique explained by Kelvin Barnes on these VAA vans used to show how paint fades over the years. In addition to that, I would add some grime and weather the wagons using the same colours and methods as Mr Barnes my teacher!

SO! For the faded paint affect (or is it effect) I added white paint to Railmatch matt varnish. This helped to lighten the bauxite paint and give a matt finish to the wagons. I then covered pretty much all of the wagons surface in matt black paint and using white spirit, I rubbed a lot of this off using downward strokes. I did this in sections. The black paint gets thinned down and gathers in the detail and gives a great grimy look.

I then used frame dirt to go around the chassis area, rust on certain areas, followed by black on the axle boxes. Attention was also given to the buffers faces.

I was fairly happy with these as they were probably one of the biggest weathering projects I had done to date. I think they should blend in with the other stock well.




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