Progress on Winkle’s Yard

With a day off and good weather, I decided to try to make progress with my small industrial OO layout which I have now names Winkle’s Yard.

I took the baseboard out into the garden and started to give the board’s sides some paint protection.

After doing this I was able to stick some cork to the baseboard track surface. This was stuck down with PVA glue and weighted down with lots of old paint tins.

The weather was still good so with time available to me, I decided I would try to address the issue of the back scene. I didn’t want to use a printed back scene so would paint the sky onto the plywood. I have lots of concerns about the shades of blue used on exhibition layouts and while many great layouts feature superb modelling, I wonder if some people fail to look at the colour of the sky!

I had already been to a local DIY store and purchased a selection of paint tester pots. I had a few shades of blue, but just as many shades of gray and near white. These are great for modelling and come in a great variety of colours. I sealed the plywood and left that to dry before returning after an hour to put on another layer.


I soon realised that my new brush was not giving me the finish I wanted so I raided the garage for something that would act as a paint tray and a new washing up sponge from the kitchen. Now I was able to mix the colours and apply them in a way which would be more effective.

Well, I’m fairly pleased with the paint finish and the representation of sky using a few tester pots.

I shall now spend some more time preparing stock and finalizing the track plan.



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