Let there be light

I wanted to have some lamps on my layout since it’s inception and knew it had to be one of these.


These are made by CR signals and I think they are really gorgeous.  They are undoubtedly very fragile but come with a magnetic bottom plate.

Installation is easy, I drilled a hole for the two fine power wires and cut away some of the cork to provide space for the lamps base to sit flat Once the cork was out of the way, I superglued a small magnet onto the plywood and allowed the glue to dry.

Once the glue was dry, I lifted the lamp onto the magnet and Hey Presto, a nice upright lamp. I will ballast around the lamps base in a way that does not interfere with this mounting.

As the lamps is not ridgedly fixed to the board, any slight knocks will just result in it lifting gently and falling onto a wagon and not bending in half where it is struck. I know it will be a delicate addition to the layout but I love it!


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