It’s Corked!

There are a few ways to represent the concrete that surrounds rails to give the embedded look. You can use card, plastic or even poly filler type materials.

I decided to use cork after seeing other layouts where this method has been used. The cork gives an interesting texture just by being itself and a close look shows that it’s not to disimilar to the aggregate that you would see in a block of concrete. I had to lay two layers of cork. One to reach sleeper height and one to reach track height. Strips were also placed between the tracks to complete the effect. Another thing I picked up was that you don’t have to lay it in a big piece as concrete is often laid in sections with expansion gaps. These will be weathered and may have some grass growing in the gaps.

I still had some concrete paint made by Woodland Scenics so I have given the cork two coats of this. I now have some very clean concrete so it will be weathered eventually using the airbrush when it comes to the final detailing stages.


So, now to get the point rodding finished!




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