So this week…



There’s been quite a bit of progress this week, due in part to some extra time available to me while I recuperate following a small but painful operation and some time of work while I nurse my sore bits!


I wasn’t going to add point rodding and was looking for the right point levers to purchase when I stumbled over a small second hand signal box in my local model shop. There is something very satisfying about point rodding, however so many layouts just don’t have it, due, I think to its fiddly nature and the delicate nature of the parts. This is a shame, as it is often the small details which bring a layout alive. So now I had a signal box, I would need some point rodding. Fortunately, Wills have come to the rescue with their packet of parts which are really nicely moulded. I haven’t finished this task yet but it is all going in the right direction. It is probably totally overkill in my little layout but I do think it will another dimension to the overall finished layout.




The cork was finished this week and given two coats of Woodlands Scenic concrete paint. This has dried to a very bright colour and will need some toning down and weathering in due course. For now, it has been given a gentle sanding with some clean sand paper to remove any high spots of paint or lose cork fragments. This has left the cork smooth and ready for weathering.



I like to spray all my track with Humbrol dark earth once it is laid. I think it is at this stage that the track loses its toy appearance and starts to look like a model representation of something else. I’ve been spraying my track with dark earth for a long time now and like the shade that the sleepers and track take on. Other colours can be used and will be used in due course as the rails get painted and other areas get weathered.




I do take a lot of pictures. I find it’s good to keep a record of the progress and it’s fun to look back at the various stages of construction. There is, however, another useful benefit to taking pictures. It’s said that the camera never lies and so I like to look at my modelling through the lens to see how things look close up or from another angle. I’ve often spotted things that are not right or things that need a little bit of attention. These can then be attended to before it’s too late.

Here’s a few pics from the last few days. I know I’m not going to win any prizes for them but they do show the recent activity.


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