Sprats the Way..ah ha, I like it!

Well there haven’t been too many pictures recently but here’s one of the little red table in my house and it really does reflect everything I’ve done in the last few weeks.


Removing existing NEM couplings and replacing them with Sprat and Winkle uncouplings isn’t that hard but it is one of those repetitive jobs that can get a bit dull after the first 25 wagons!

With my layout coming on well, it was time to focus on the fleet of wagons that was needed for my goods yard project. I had opted for a hands free operation which looks really good when it works well.

This has been quite time consuming as every wagon is of a different design. The van in the picture is a good example. The long wheel base model resulted in the coupling being a part of the moving wheel and suspension moldings. The couplings were cut off, this section leaving the wheels to be returned to their place. I then needed to raise the height of the coupling and so I used a couple of pieces of plasticard to ensure the hook was at the correct height. The careful adjustment of each wagon is also necessary to ensure they do their job correctly. Watching it all work is very satisfying!

I’ve now exhausted my supply of magnetic links so I have a few nights off until Mr Postie delivers some more. I guess that gives me time to add loops to the fronts of my diesel fleet!


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