Progress update and pictures…

Work has been progressing  on Winkle’s Yard with both the layout and the rolling stock getting attention.

As I was having a little running session/test, I realised that the pieces of plasticard I had stuck between the rails in the oil depot were causing problems with my shunters which would stop due to lack of contact with the rails due to the gap pushing the wheels up. It was with some anxiety that I raised the piece of plastic whilst trying not to break it and then stuck it back down. It didn’t come up in one piece but it has been stuck down again and is now in a better position with shunters running freely in and out of the oil depot siding. Phew!

The back scene has now got a wall in front of it, separating the row of terrace houses from the back of the goods yard. This was made with brick embossed plasticard sprayed to give a blue/back brick effect. The space has also been given a cover of various ground cover materials, randomly put down to create a shrub/waste land effect. I hope to try and get the odd tree in there if I can.

Here’s a few pics…

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