Ready for the World (almost!)

With an appearance at Great Eastern Models looming closer by the day, I was trying to make sure that all my stock looked decent and that the layout looked OK and ran smoothly.

In order to do this, I brought the layout and the fiddle yard into the house with practice running sessions taking place whenever I could.

The above picture shows the area behind the signal box and the detritus of the railway such as pallets, drums and even an old signal head in the grass.

One of the jobs I needed to complete was the small coal point that supplied cold to the area’s heating and water boiler. I used some real crushed coal and fixed this in place with Ballast Bond. Once this was dry, I placed the coal depot cover in place and cleaned the track.

So here are a few pictures of various items of stock that have been weathered ready for the public’s scrutiny.

There are still jobs to do on the layout but they are now much smaller and subtle. I think by the time it appears in Bressingham it will be finished and the stock will all have the level of detail I require.

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