Winkle’s in Pictures!

My OO gauge exhibition layout winkle’s Yard was set up in my house for a few days awaiting the arrival of Chris Nevard, the Model Rail magazine’s main photographer.

The setting up of the layout, gave me some valuable opportunities to finish certain jobs like the bridge, the rear fencing and a little extra static grass here and there.

Watching Chris work is an education in itself particularly as he takes ages going over the layout looking for interesting shots and angles that will stimulate those that purchase the magazine in due course.

A day after his visit, I had a go at some railway photography too. It’s not brilliant by any means but it’s my layout and they are my pictures, so enjoy this little offering.

If you want to see what a real expert can do, use the search tool to look up George Street on this blog.



A class 08 shunter pulls into Winkle’s Yard
A class 37 takes a little break before its next duty
The local shunter replenishes the local supply of coal
An 08 shunter brings in a new supply of engine fuel.
The BR blue CCT van is an unusual visitor to Winkle’s Yard
The shunter carefully passes some workmen attending to some of the point rodding.
The oil tanks are put in place, ready for their departure.
Another unusual visitor makes a surprise appearance away from its normal express duties

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