O Yes! about time too.

After a long absence from all things O gauge, I would like to introduce the new incarnation of Prince’s Street Goods Yard.

My previous layout was my first foray into O gauge and I have learned a lot on my short journey. However, as a layout, it had its faults, the biggest of which was the fact that the boards were just so enormous at 4ft by 3ft. They weighed too much for me and were too large and unmanageable in my single garage.

I would like to use this layout with out exhibition group so it needs to be movable, robust with the wiring and operational aspects well built and sturdy from day one. My previous layout was lacking in some of these areas.

I have used boards by Tim Horn again. In my opinion, they are up there with the best and go together so easily they are a delight to build.

I have used boards with presentation in mind and the boards provide space for lighting units to be installed and kept out of sight from the viewer.

This is the centre board with the left had side scenic board. Behind me is the right side board which also has a scenic edge to it. The fiddle yard/traverser will fix to the board out of sight and trains – DMUs, 3 coach trains or single car services as well as freight – will enter the scenic area under a bridge. I was lucky enough to obtain 12 ft of kitchen base units which sit at an ideal height for the layout. They also provide lots of storage for my stock and equipment. The drawers are ideal for paints, tools and unbuilt kits etc. I’m hoping that some draws will have more space eventually as things go from under the boards onto the boards.

Here is a rough idea of the track plan. There will be two station platform faces with the one at the top being against the back of the baseboard. I hope I can make sense of the double slip as it may save the use of two points at that spot. I am keen to avoid using lots of track in the area being mindful of the limited space. On the right hand side, I have put in two short sidings, however this may look too crowded.

This was my first O gauge coal depot and I really loved it so I hope I can repeat something like this in my new layout.

I need to add some more pictures soon as I have painted the sky now and am nearly ready to lay my first piece of track!

Now, about that decorating…

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