O…What Fun!

Well it is fun. It should be anyway…that’s the idea. So after laying the first few bits of track, I needed to start measuring and lining up the platform faces and even the double slip. I started to wonder what measurement would inform the other but I’m glad to say things slowly made sense.

Having decided to lay the track on cork, I realised that by not covering the whole board in cork my patforms were now too low, so I cut 10mm strips of balsa wood and slipped these under the platform.

Track laying is always an exciting time. It’s the time when you can put your plans into practice and see if it looks as good as the plan you had on paper or in your mind. I think this one is.

I decided to spray paint the main platform sections before fixing them into place. This is just a preference but it was easier to spray these away these from the rest of the boards and track. In the above pic, I am checking the angles of the double slip and line going into the bay platform. The double slip makes it harder to run test trains into the bay due to its slightly more complex wiring. I hope I can pull it off! More on that another time in the future!

The shot above shows the same area but also includes the double slip and adjacent point which are all now fixed down to the cork with PVA glue. Note the DDC Concepts point motors for me to sort another day!

In the final picture below, the 08 shunter sits on the two points leading to the goods yard sidings. I could squeeze three lines in but this would have been too crowded and unrealistic so I let there be some space around the lines for other details which will add additional interest. The right hand point will allow for a line to run back into a coal yard.

Well some of you will have seen the reference to another modelling project in my last blog update. This is my Easybuild 105 DMU under construction. I have been taking lots of pictures and plan to post these soon as an on-going entry which gets extended as more gets done. I won’t talk about the methods or challenges just yet but I will say that tonight was very satisfying!

Come back soon!


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