Building for the future.

Or should it be building the past, as that is really what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to create my own little bit of the underloved network back in the day when investment was a dirty word.

Modelling took a little break recently due to the living room decoration work and not least due to the fact that the garage was full of carpet that needed to go to the dump and flat pack furiture that needed to be built. Now all that has been attended to, I can get back to the big job – creating my own little world.

I have been continuing to work on the track and wires have been added to quite a few areas. This is an ongoing job and with three boards, I need to add lots of wires to all the lines for power continuity.

I was keen to make more progress on the buildings as they were just shells recently, nice brick red shells but that was all. In the last week, I have been able to add windows, doors and other details.

This is the station building, a nice little laser cut kit which goes together really nicely with good quality wood and lovely laser cut windows. I will glaze it at the end once painting and weathering is completed. I shall also add roof slates and like to use grey card cut up into squares applied individually. This is madness but the end results are worth the hardwork and feelings of insanity you get as you complete row after row of slates. This previously made O gauge good shed shows how the final result is worth all the effort.

I’ve also made progress with the signal box which was really lacking some time. This will also need glazing, weathering, roof tiles and some interior detail.

They say you live and learn. Well. I didn’t read my signal box instructions enough and stuck the ends on the wrong way round so I had to use a little initiative completing it as the instructions no longer made sense when I did give them a look. I think I may just about scrape through at exhibitions unless an expert walks past and then I’ll disappear!

The low relief factory sections are really nice and I had added some end sections to make them deeper, however, I’m still not sure if I will keep them as they may need to be fixed really tightly against the back scene. the track plan has resulted in the rear line being quite near to the back and I don’t want the track to appear too close to the factory buildings.

I paid Kelvin a visit earlier in the week and was looking at his latest weathering projects when he showed me some of the O gauge Accurascale Hoppers. Kelvin had weathered four of them for a friend and I thought they were so good I ordered 3 for myself on my phone while I sat in his lounge – that was an expensive visit!

They were ordered Tuesday and arrived Thursday – great service!

Check out Kelvin’s weathering:

The other task I have looked at in the last few days has been the station canopies. These come from the same company that made the platforms, signal box and station building. The canopies are quite delicate but will look good once they are finished. I need to add some more details yet and will need to add some more paint to much of the structure.

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