Hole in one!

Significant progress has been made in the last few days. I decided that I needed to spend some time working on board No. 3, however, this would require me to move all the other boards around the garage.

I removed the bolts that kept boards No.1 and No.2 together and was relieved to see them come apart after a little bit of pulling. There was a little bit of tidying up to do on some of the cork under the track but they were OK.

The track crossing boards No.2 and No.3 had to be cut so I did this with my electric cutter which is a bit similar to a Dremel cutter. It’s a great tool and I’ve used it for all the cutting of my track. It was a really simple task cutting the 3 or 4 tracks and very satisfying to see the neat and tidy cuts.

I then removed the bolts that kept boards No.2 and No.3 together and after a little bit of tugging, they also came apart for the first time in quite a while.

Board No.3 was taken outside into the daylight and placed on some trestles so I could work on it. I then gave some thought to the clearance I would want around the lines leaving the scenic area and marked the board with my trusty pencil. I marked the height of the bridge and added those lines. I would need to cut this box out of the baseboard and while that was quite a scary thought, I had recently purchased a new jigsaw and I saw this day coming and knew I would need a good tool to carry out this job!

I carefully measured the board and marked out the same box onto the outside of the baseboard and drilled some holes in each corner of the box. I then put the jigsaw in the hole and cut along each of the 4 lines. Removing the piece of wood after the final cut was very satisfying and opened up the scenic area so that trains can run into the fiddle yard/traverser in the future.


In the weeks ahead I will be able to build the bridge and surrounding structures for board No. 3 using laser cut boards of brickwork that match the factory units.

Finally for this blog, I have managed to drill the holes to take the platform canopies once the two kits were joined together. The positioning of them was a decision made to keep them to the one board. They are quite delicate so I may chose to make these removable in the future. They still need more work and detailing but that will be for another day. At the moment, I am trying to get some of the big things in place and make a start on the major items. Detailing will be done a lot further down the line

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