Just (don’t) add water!

The other day, I was airbrushing a whole range of different items, laying down frame dirt onto coaches, wagons and engines when I started to get some spluttering. On closer examination, I realised that it was the dreaded moisture problem.

I still have some other projects to finish and I really don’t want their finish to be spoilt by a spluttering airbursh.

So, I’ve just made quite a good little purchase from a site selling airbrushes and all the other gubbins you might need. I’ve ordered myself a little airbrush moisture trap. I can only airbrush in my garage and the equipment is stored in the garage too so I guess the airbrush, compressor and its hose go through quite a lot of temperature changes over the course of a year.

Sparmax Silver Bullet MAC moisture trap filter with micro air control valve

We’ve recently had a little break from our show schedule but these start again in August so I need to ensure that some new items are ready to introduce. The O gauge snowploughs need their final black, transfers and varnish. My recently acquired O gauge coal hoppers need to be weathered and an assortment of OO gauge stock suitable for different eras needs to be weathered. And that’s just a small amount of the projects I have in my stock cupboards. The moisture trap will ensure that there projects aren’t spoilt by faulty equipment. All I’ll need to worry about then is the faulty operator!

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