Having spent a little time on rolling stock, it was time to focus a bit on the layout once again. While I had done lots of work on the layout, each end of the layout was yet to come together. I had cut a piece of hardboard for the road bridge and showed this in my previous blog but that was about all.

The board had been sprayed a random mix of grey and black primer, however, I know this wasn’t going to be the road’s final colour.

Some more laser cut brick sheet was cut into strips for the bridges walls. I cut these to match the height of the central bridge section which had been made from plasticard several months ago. In this picture I had also installed a couple of street lights. The pavement was cut from a length of balsa wood and also stuck to the bridge.

I sometimes buy things at shows knowing that one day they might be useful. I was waiting for such an opportunity here and knew what I had to use. I had in one of my storage draws a small sheet of etched road iron work such as drains and man hole covers. I sprayed some of these blackand laid them in place to see how they might look.

In the above picture you can see a pavement access cover and on the road, a cover to the drains. You can see I also used some masking tape over the original paint to create some patched up sections of road. I’m not sure about the road and pavement colours yet but the patches effect works well for me!

In the station area there is also lots to do and depsite it receiving my attention, there still is much to do.

The INTENTIO public house was finished and the roof was completed using my own hand cut and placed individual slates. The pub sign was printed onto a gloss inkjet paper.

I was keen to sort out the end of the main platform and knew that it required a small section of platform to be fitted at the end for workmen or drivers etc. This is also why I cut down a flight of stairs to fit the platform. I think they were from another Signal Box kit that I did not use. This requires a little more work yet but for now, I’m please with its progress.

Another one of my speculative purchases was a sheet of embossed cobbles. I decided that this area was still in the same state as it was during the latter days of steam and that the street had not benefited from an upgraded road system. The end of Prince’s Street was also signifiant in that the station did not have its own car park. This was in front of the two sidings and not modelled. in the above picture you can see that the station now has a front wall, steps up to the station building, a road surface and pavements. As with the road, I’m not sure what colour the pavements should be yet, at this time, they are left in a light grey colour. I have also installed another two street lights. The walls are all too clean and there needs to be another building next to the public house. Despite the amount of work remaining. I’m pleased with the recent progress.

Now, where’s that printer…


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