What a (DUMMY) DMU!

Modern adhesives are wonderful. They can stick all sorts of things together and their use seems to be limited only by our imagination. There is one important thing to conisder however. They do need to be stored the right way up and with their lids or tops on tightly.

Well. Now here is the tale, and before I begin, there is no point in contacting me and asking me how it happened because I don’t know. So, to the main point in the tale. I went into the garage one day and found the DMU dummy car with a load of superglue on its roof and splashed over one side. It had also created some new puddles in my coal depot area and dried up white and crusty.

So my first reaction was AAARGGGGGGHHHHHH!

The second is uprintable in my blog as I wouldn’t want to upset those with a gentle disposition.

Once I had calmed down, I realised there was something to be grateful about. I was pleased that I hadn’t left the motor coach on the layout as glue dropping glue over that could have been really problematic.

So I’ve spent quite a few nights gently removing superglue with a variety of sanding sticks and I’ve learned a few valuable lessons which I’l share with you.

a) Don’t always leave unfinished models on your layout.

b) Don’t leave superglue on or around your layout.

c) If you don’t follow B as above, ensure your superglue or other glue product has its lid properly on and on tightly.

I think we’re back on track now after that unwanted distraction. I shall try and make some more progress with the DMU, Oh and I’ve been in touch with Tim Horn. Maybe a fiddle yard is on its way soon!

What a dummy I’ve been though. I’m now a bit wiser too!

Keep safe!



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