Well I have to be honest, it looks better in the white primer than I thought it was going to. I had rubbed a lot of every section down with a fibre glass brush and clearly that effort, removing glue spots and imperfections in the surfaces of the plasticard paid off.

Well this isn’t the best picture of my layout, or the crane to be honest, but it does show the Crane base and the two bogies wagons after they had been painted in white primer.

I then realised that I needed to add the two central hand wheels on the crane base so once this was all super dry I went to my supply of etched wheels and selected 4 of the same type, being careful to file of all the bits of brass that had held them on their sprues.

So here was the crane on its base wagon later once all the primer was dry to touch and ok to move about. The other additional small wheels had been added to the base unit too. At this stage, I was really pleased with myself.

Well I guess it’s time to pay thanks to the real hero behind this project. That award goes to DANNY LITTLE, a fine modeller who has been able to cut all the original black parts out as an aid to building this model. He also very kindly built the JIB for me so I didn’t have to worry out cutting all the parts out and getting it all to be square and strong. I think it’s certainly possible that if you wanted one for your own layout, you should consider asking him if he can help. I did have to buy some bits like the wheels, the axle box covers and buffers as well as the obvious things like paint and glue and a good selection of Evergreen products would serve you well too. Once I had made a start, it really was just a case of adding details to some fairly plain shells and I guess you could add as much detail as you wish. I feel I’ve probably added enough detail now and am at the stage where I now have to consider the finishing of the model and how I can stop myself from spoiling the surface of the model with a rubbish coat of yellow paint! Oh and there’s some rigging to sort out too!



Well it has certainly been a while since my last update. I’m not very good at keeping this Blog up to date and current with my modelling so sorry about that!

Well this seemed to be the first stage for me. I decided that I would stick some black pieces to the kit, amend some others and cut some others out of my own plasticard – a sure fire need for this project as you’ll see through all the pics!

I decided in earnest to use the Peter Tatlow book on Cranes which had some excellent drawings and pictures.

I then went into full kit making mode and as you can see, there were lots of bits which I cut out myself to use with the kit of parts that I had purchased. There would also be other parts which I would need but more about those later.

It wasn’t too long before I had a very bare but very recognisable crane, but it needed a lot of very tiny pieces to make it into the crane I really wanted.

So, after a little dusting of primer, and more little pieces, we’re starting to get something that looks a little bit like to Cowans Sheldon Crane that I’m after!

Sorry this picture is a bit dark.

So after quite a few hours, well, many … we have something that is starting to get me going a bit, and feeling quite encouraged by my efforts. Sure there’s lots to do still but now it’s really starting to look the business. I’ve just got to remember everything I did on the Crane base to do it on the other side!