ON THE FIDDLE (again!)

Well it’s been a while since I had done some wood work but since I was in the zone – Why not eh!

I after building the previous two sections I hadn’t really done much with them. I had ordered another piece from Tim Horn and he had kindly posted it to me even though I live so close to him I normally collect my boards once they are cut.

So I had this 2 ft x 2 ft section in my garage for what seems like months, it must have been collected way before Christmas but it has been so cold in the garage, nothing has got done there for months, until now you might have gathered!

SO . The other day we had some sunshine and I was in a train mood. The wife and boy were out and these are the times you have to use well.

I got some of the trestles out and before anybody could look at my fiddle yaucrd and say, well isn’t that a whopper! I had it out and the new section was also built.

It looks big doesn’t it. Well it needs to be. Points take up a lot of space which is why I needed the extra 2 ft space to begin with. Well. It was all quite easy today, I was only laying straight track so I got out the dremel type cutter and off we went!

After a little while, we had this – and very pleased with it all I was too! I do need to do the electrics to join this new board to the joining one but that shouldn’t take too long. If I can fit a right hand point and another line beside the two to the right I will. These will carry the longest passenger trains to enter the station and these are only short rakes of 3 coaches in any event!

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at this. I look forward to the day when I can set it all up in one long display as planned.


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