George Street – an N gauge layout

George Street,was my previous layout. An N gauge layout covering 16 feet by 2 foot, plus a few extra inches at the back!

The layout was a DCC operated continuous run layout. It had a station, with a bay platform and a couple of sidings. It’s sidings acted as stabling facilities for DMUs, parcel rakes or even the Weed Killer train which occasionally passed through the station. In order to avoid a flat looking layout. Part of the layout had the track appearing to pass through a cutting (inspired by the approach to London Liverpool Street station) and the townscape was built up on raised sections at the front and back. This helped to push the railway lines back into the landscape and give the impression that the land was around long before the railway was built. The station area was also dominated by a large low relief factory, built using Scalescenes parts.

One thing I don’t like when I visit railway exhibitions is seeing model railway track laid in such a way that it ends up being parallel to the baseboard edges.

In my opinion, this increases the viewers impression that the whole scene is unreal rather than trying to give a sense of reality.

With this in mind, I tried to lay my N gauge track with long sweeping curves ignoring the baseboard edges. Given I had to use a tight curve at either end of my layout, this desire for curved track originally proved hard to work out, however,  the planning time paid off and I was able to model a sweeping curve at both ends of the layout with a two points in the middle of the layout to help trains to get from the outside loop to the inside loop and bay platform lines. The platforms were also curved and this provided an interesting visual feature not often modelled.

I have not planned to show the construction of George Street on this blog, however, its story can be found on the N Gauge Forum. On this site it is called George Street II to differentiate it from a previous layout I had also built. If you want to see or know any more about this modelling effort, let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

I have provided some pictures from Chris Nevard who is the photographer for Model Rail. The pictures are provided with his permission and the copyright for these remains with him and Model Rail. Please do not use these or take these from my blog.

My friend Chris Eve used to visit me and we would share an evening of N gauge running. During these evenings, he would take pictures and video clips. His videos were really amazing and featured sounds of the real engines so a class 37 sound would be dubbed onto the video of my Farish class 37. These are excellent videos and more of them are available to view on YouTube if you search for George Street II. If you look at the clips, please respect Chris’ ownership of these videos.