Shock news: SPV gets attention!


This is a BR 12 ton insulated fish Van. Made by Parkside Dundas. In the 1960’s when the fish traffic declined, many of these wagons found new use as parcel wagons classified as SPV – Small Parcel Van and later NRV under TOPS.

My wagon has been sat in its box while the layout has been developed, however, as I was having a wagon and stock building blitz, I thought I ought to try to get this one finished. There was some additional brake parts to fit and while the body had been painted, the chassis was still in primer and the body actually had a few blemishes. I gently rubbed the blemish spots with a fibre glass brush and gave the body a light dusting of BR blue paint and left it to dry.

My modelling mentor (and fount of all knowledge) suggested that I should sponge the roof area of wagons to give a varied and visually textured finish. Having found a piece of soft foam, I painted the roof again with a mix of grey and black paints from a can and blended them together with the sponge. I have to say the man was right, using the sponge does provide a much more interesting finish than a simple smooth spray can approach. I think I might have to give all my other box vans the same treatment now!

Once the body was dry, I began brush painting the chassis with matt black. The final stages include transfers, varnish and weathering – but possibly not in that order!


This example of the SPV belongs to one of our exhibition team, Graham Minshull. I hope I can get my SPV to look as good as this!


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