Winkle’s progress

I haven’t posted for a while but I have not been idle, in fact, I’ve been quite busy with the small OO project, spurred on by the possibility of an exhibition opportunity next year if it makes the grade.

I spent some time spraying my new fiddle yard board to match the scenic box and then the surface of this was covered in cork.

I also had a very important job to do on the main scenic box and that was to cut out the hole for trains to run through. I had a jigsaw but most of my blades appeared blunt so I resorted to drilling lots of close holes until the section could be pushed out. The external side the scenic box and the hole was made good and tidy by the addition of some L shaped moulding which was glued so that the cutting was all covered up. Eventually, the hole will be a part of a bridge and the short distance through the wood will be clad in brick effect plasticard. The moulding was also sprayed black to make the presentation clean and stylish.


I have now started to lay track and will post a few more pictures in the next couple of days showing the progress with this and the layout name now placed on the box.

Come back soon for another update and leave a message if you have any comments or questions about my methods, materials or suppliers.








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