Bressingham Debut Day!

The 2018 Bressingham Model Railway Day marked the first appearance of Ashwell Moor, a modern image O gauge stabling point built by Kelvin.

As it is very much a modern image layout, I was asked very kindly (instructed!) by the boss to leave all my 4 wheel coal wagons and box vans at home and was to bring the breakdown coaches and the recently weathered VAA vans and the TTA tank wagons. Well, a few other things crept into the box, like the olive green departmental mess coach and it’s 4 wheel box van…oops!

It was a lovely day, weather wise and for the event with lots of positive comments about the new layout, which incidentally, was built by Kelvin for his son, John, who was also present today operating the layout with me helping.

Here’s a few pics of Ashwell Moor featuring some of my stock. For other pictures from the day, check out Kelvin’s blog.



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