More Progress – Track complete!

It’s always good to get certain parts of a project done and I’m glad that my track work and basic wiring jobs are now complete. I say basic wiring as I mean the bit from the track only. The control panel is a project for another day!

I have not started to think about other features that need to be completed before the track work is ballasted or even painted.

I have started to stick some more cork down to raise the height of the concrete which will go between the tracks at the front of the layout. I will be trying to emulate the technique used by Kelvin Barnes who uses cork to represent concrete to great effect.

I have also started to build the basic structure for the bridge that crosses the entry to the small yard. This has been made out of hobbycraft foam board – a light and easy to use material which is good for lots of different purposes. This will be covered in slaters brick plasticard and then additional details will be added such as the metal bridge section which I will be scratch building out of various bits of plasticard. I’m quite looking forward to this and really enjoy the modelling aspect of the project.

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