More progress on Winkle’s Yard

The preparatory works have continued on the baseboard for Winkle’s Yard.

The cork is now finally stuck down and I have continued to give serious thought to the track plan and how to make the operations and viewing interesting.


On the back of the base board I have painted an area white and hope that this will provide enough space for an integral control/mimic panel for points and isolating rails. By having all the wires within the one board, I will not need a separate control box for points and hope that this will avoid electrical connection problems at home or exhibitions.

Tim Horn was kind enough to deliver my new traverser, given that I do not live too many miles away from his base. While I don’t appear to have taken a picture of the traverser yet, I do have a couple of pics of the connection plate being fixed to the scenic box. This was a simple task as I just had to choose where to place the plate and then glue it to the box. I chose to align it with one existing bolt hole and held it in place while wood glue stuck the wood connection plate to the box. Once the glue was dry, I drilled another hole which will be used to bolt the traverser to the scenic box when they are being used.

You will be able to see two thick wooden circular disks. These also help to align the scenic box and the traverer together. This is a great piece of design work by Tim and his boards are really well built.

Whilst much of the above work has taken place outside or in the garage, I have started to make some terrace house backs using the Scalescenes model downloaded kit. I did spend a while thinking about this given the different textures and makes of buildings, however, I don’t think you would see the brick texture from the front and there will be lots of other details that push these buildings into the back of the scene. I’ve always liked the Scalescenes kits and the way the model already has some weathering added into the designs. I will need to make quite a lot of these and then model the rear gardens etc.


I think I now have much of what is needed to start laying some points and a few pieces of track. I mustn’t forget the unfinished O gauge projects though!!!


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