Beware the Ides of March…

Well it was with a little bit of doubt that we set off for the March 2020 Model Railway show from our respective homes. Unfortunately John and Jaeson were unable to join us due to ill health – no not that problem! That virus was a talking point throughout the day…but we talked about trains too!

I was aked to bring a few items of stock by Kelvin and they were commented on by a number of people.

I was able to bring my 3 (almost finished) Sealion/Seacow hopper wagons. I have applied Sealion transfers so I will need to add brake cylinders one end. I was waiting for some parts for this final bit of work has yet to be done. Once this is done I shall add some more rust to the wagons as they did become very rusty in their lifetimes.

The Shark wagon pictured below was made by Graham from an etched brass kit and painted/weathered by Kelvin. I also have a shark wagon to add to my fleet, this being a 3d printed example. I shall finish mine in Olive Green to suit the era of my layout. and the rest of its stock.

The snowploughs were added to the stock for today and were a popular item on the layout promping a number of discussions. I do need to give them a small dusting with a matt/satin varnish to hidde the gloss varnish that was added prior to the application of the Transfers.

So we had a great time running some items that have been made which other people might not have – we like to have somethings that are a bit different…

This was a show where I was a part of…

See you soon



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