A few weeks ago I purchased a model kit and some tools.

It took a year to build up enough courage to buy this kit and the required tools.

It was an etched brass kit. I’ve managed to take on many new challenges since my move to O gauge but this one was eluding me and I felt that I might never be good enough to complete any thing with these skills.

So, what made me do it now. Well I guess a lot had been going on in my life. My mother had recently passed away and I decided that life was too short not to try new challenges.

Jim was at the Southwold Show recently with his Connoisseur Models stand. I spoke to Jim a year ago about his kits and the desire to take the plunge into etched brass kits and nothing happened in the last year due to difficult family problems. This year it was different. The harsh reality is that I now have a bit more time to build some kits.

After talking with Jim, who is incredibly kind and helpful, I purchased a very basic kit – the Lowmac Machinery Wagon.

I’ve also purchased some tools but far too many to list here!

I thought I would post a few progress pics and you will be able to admire or laugh at my progress depending on your viewpoint. The other completed wagon was built by Kelvin Barnes… I borrowed it for reference purposes!

There’s still a lot to do on the wagon but I think we are getting there!


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