Under the Weather(ing)…again!

Well after a bit of foolish bravery and plain ignorance, I managed to make the polybulk wagons look like they may have been in service for a little while!

I used a little frame dirt around the bases of the wagons and then decided to spray some white paint down the sides. After this was done, I added a little white Humbrol weathering powder around the roof and the underside area where the grain would leave the wagons. I’m no expert at this dark art and as a result, I think I always end up feeling somewhat critical of my efforts.

So here are a few pics of my polybulks…

During another crazy moment at a recent model railway exhibition, I came over all funny and swapped some cash for a Dapol 6 wheel tank. This has subsequently become a departmental waste oil wagon.

I need to get the impression of the waste oil dripping down the side of the tank but for now, here’s a little progress shot!


Well after a lot of thought and discussion, I came to the conclusion that the weathering was overdone and poorly executed. I couldn’t even find a reference picture to defend me or my efforts.

So after a lot of soul searching there was only one possible course of action….


I sanded down the bodies as much as I could after removing as much of the decal as possible with strong adhesive tape. Once I thought I had a smooth body again, this was primed in grey using a spray can for the sake of convenience.


I had previously purchased two cans of paint for this job so having the same green was no problem. I masked the chassis, roof areas and ends again using Tamyia tapes.

With a fine sanding stick, I removed any rough primer spots and both polybulks wagons were treated to a new coat of green on their sides

The wagons have now had their side detail re-painted in yellow and red along with some addiotional colours around the coupling and buffer area. The next stage will be a coat of gloss varnish over the green in readiness for the new sets of decals obtained from GJH plant models.


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